Friday, October 2, 2015

Mind MGMT, Vol. 1: The Manager

Mind MGMT, Vol 1: The Manager
by Matt Kindt
Milwaukie, OR: Dark Horse Books, 2013. 196 pp. Graphic novel

Two years after the mystery of Flight 815, wherein 120 passengers and crew are afflicted with total amnesia mid-flight, a young journalist attempts to track down an alleged 121st passenger who may have been involved. Maru soon finds herself deeply enmeshed in a global conspiracy involving a secret government agency, Mind Management, and a rogue agent determined to destroy it. This is a fantastic read, quick paced, engaging and very much reminiscent of the X-Files with the super secret agents possessing frightening psionic powers. There is even a Smoking Man. The art is deliberately rough and sometimes whimsical but arresting and conveys real drama. This is the first volume in an ongoing series.


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