Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Friday Society

The Friday Society
By Adrienne Kress
Dial Books, 2012. 440 pgs. Young Adult

Cora is the assistant to an inventor, Nellie is the assistant to a magician, and Michiko is the assistant to a combat instructor. The three girls are thrown together when dead bodies start crossing their paths and they must use their combined talents to figure who is behind the murders. Individually, each girl has numerous talents, but together, they just might be able to save London.

This steampunk mystery-adventure story is tons of fun. It's lighthearted and fluffy, and all three of the girls are strong, likable characters. The language doesn't always the time period and can occasionally be jarring and distracting, but readers should be able to overlook that and enjoy the book's many good points.


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