Wednesday, January 9, 2013


By Heather Anastasiu
St. Martin's Press, 2012. 308 pages. Young Adult

The Community is a haven for humanity, where emotions have been wiped clean and thoughts replaced by a feed from the Link network, all made possible through an implanted computer chip.  But Zoe has started to glitch, experiencing minutes or hours where she is disconnected from the Link and experiences thoughts and emotions.  Though she considers submitting herself for repairs, she is terrified of being deactivated for having a dangerous new ability: uncontrollable telekinetic powers.  As she hides her awareness, she starts to realize that she isn't the only one who seems to be waking up.

While being a decent dystopia, there isn't much that is new or memorable happening in this book.  I would probably only recommend it to dedicated young adult dystopia fans.


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