Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Crimson Crown

The Crimson Crown
By Cinda Williams Chima
Hyperion Book, 2012. 598 pages. Young Adult

The fourth and final book in the Seven Realms series finds queen Raisa and wizard Han Alister struggling to maintain tensions between the wizards, Clans, and people of the Fells.  Raisa is constantly reminded that she should distance herself from the dangerous Han, despite her growing love for him.  Han must balance a world of magic and cut-throat politics with his feelings for Raisa, and soon finds himself in possession of a secret which could unite the people of the Fells.  That is, if he can live long enough to make use of it.

This is a great conclusion to a great series.  I love it when both people in a relationship are strong and capable on their own, enough so that you could read a book about only one of them and still enjoy it thoroughly.  If you're interested in this series, the first book is called The Demon King.


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