Wednesday, January 9, 2013


By S. J. Kincaid
Katherine Tegen Books, 2012. 444 pages. Young Adult

Tom Raines has spent years drifting with his gambler father, until he catches the eye of the U.S. government with his virtual-reality prowess at online games. He's offered a position at an elite military academy where they train young geniuses to become members of the Intrasolar Forces who fight in World War III.  All of Tom's hopes of becoming important seem to be about to come true, but at what cost?

This was actually a very cool book that is a great read for teen guys.  Although the storyline may remind you of other teen books like Ender's Game and The Lightning Thief, there are some interesting new themes explored in this futuristic dystopia, underlined by likable characters and a quick moving plot.  Highly recommended.


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