Friday, January 11, 2013

Drops of Gold

Drops of Gold
By Sarah M. Eden
Covenant Communications, 2012. 191 pgs. Romance

 When her father's death leaves her destitute and with no one to turn to, Marion lies about her name, her class, and her qualifications in order to obtain a position as a governess. When she arrives at Farland Meadows, she finds that Caroline, although really too young for a governess, is a delightful child, but both she and her handsome but troubled father, Layton need more joy brought into their lives. Layton Jonquil is pleased with the changes in his daughter brought about the new governess and finds himself falling for her, but after the tragedy of his first marriage, combined with the difference in their stations, he can't allow himself to act on those feelings.

Yet another delightful read for fans of Regency romances in general and Sarah Eden's works in particular. Both Marion and Layton are endearing characters, and Caroline is adorable. Guest appearances of Layton's large family (including Phillip, hero of Friends and Foes) add to the fun. There's a good mixture of deep issues and humor, and there's really nothing not to like.


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