Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tigers in Red Weather

Tigers in Red Weather
By Liza Klaussmann
Little, Brown and Co., 2012. 356 pgs. Fiction

Tiger House, a family estate on Martha’s Vineyard was a wonderful place for Nick and her cousin, Helena to grow up. Now at the end of World War II, they both feel the excitement of starting new lives. But what seems so promising quickly turns to bitter disappointment. Nick’s husband, Hughes, has been cold and distant ever since the war. Helena, who lost her first love in the war has remarried but to a man who has an obsession.

Fast forward a dozen years. Nick and Helena each have a young teenage child, Daisy and Ed. Every summer the cousins return to Tiger House in hope of recapturing what they have lost. But the summer Daisy and Ed discover a brutal murder victim quickly sends their fragile existences spinning.

Told from five points of view (Nick, Helena, Hughes, Daisy and Ed), Tigers in Red Weather is not what it first appears to be. This is a much darker look at the lives of the wealthy, New England summer set. One that both intrigued and repelled me.


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