Monday, November 5, 2012

An Unlikely Match

An Unlikely Match
By Sarah M. Eden
Covenant Communications, 2012. 171 pgs. Romance

Nickolas Pritchard has just found out that a distant relative passed away, leaving him as the heir of his estate in Wales. The formerly penniless Nickolas is thrilled to have a fortune at his disposal, as it will allow him to court Miss Castleton. He invites her and her family, along with some other friends, to visit his new estate, against the advice of his housekeeper and the neighborhood vicar, who warn him that the ghost who haunts his estate, Gwen, doesn't like unauthorized visitors. Nickolas, not believing that the ghostly Gwen even exists, moves ahead with his plans...only to find, when Gwen begins causing disturbances and makes appearances, that she does indeed exist. And not only does she exist, but she's beautiful and kind and funny, and his growing feelings for her are undeniable, but it's also impossible that they can ever amount to anything.

I was a little skeptical of a ghost story-romance, but I was quickly pulled into the the banter between Nickolas and Gwen and to the mystery of Gwen's death. The ending came a little too quickly for me; I thought the way things were resolved was interesting but then the epilogue at the end wrapping everything up wasn't entirely satisfactory. Overall, it's my least favorite of Sarah Eden's books, but it's still a fun Regency romance.


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