Monday, November 26, 2012

Against the Tide

Against the Tide
By Elizabeth Camden
Bethany House, 2012. 368 pgs. Romance

Lydia Pallas has a stable life working as a translator for the U.S. Navy, but her aptitude for language takes her on journeys she never expected when Alexander “Bane” Banebridge, a powerful man working to end the opium trade in the United States, asks her to do some translating work for him. Not only does the work pull her into more dangerous tasks than she is used to, but she also quickly falls in love with Bane, even though he has vowed never to marry as it would put his wife in too dangerous of a situation.

Fans of historical romance with a bit of mystery will enjoy Camden’s latest book. It has a little bit darker tone than a lot of inspirational novels do, simply because of the opium element, but it still offers the hope and romance that fans of the genre will need to be satisfied.


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