Thursday, November 8, 2012

Crucible of Gold

Crucible of Gold
By Naomi Novik
Del Rey, 2012. 323 pgs. Fantasy

In this seventh installment of the fantastically entertaining Temeraire series, Former Captain Will Laurence finds himself reinstated as Aviator Captain to the dragon Temeraire in the British Aerial Corps. Laurence and Temeraire have been tasked to travel to Brazil to persuade their ruler to joins sides with the British against Napoleon.

En route, they encounter one disaster after another until they find themselves in Incan Territory only to discover that the Incas have allied with Napoleon.

As usual Temeraire and the other dragons don’t quite understand human reasoning and happily go about doing what they think best causing all kinds of hilarious havoc.

If you're looking for great characters and a fun, adventurous story, I highly recommend this fantasy / historical fiction mash-up.


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