Monday, November 12, 2012

Guitar Notes

Guitar Notes
By Mary Amato
Egmont USA, 2012. 296 pgs. Young Adult

Lyla Marks is one of those practically perfect girls--straight A student and an amazing cellist. Tripp Broody is a guitarist who is failing his classes. When the two are assigned to share a music practice room, Lyla on even days and Tripp on odd days, they initially irritate each other. However, as they leave notes for each other in the room, at first expressing that irritation but then genuinely getting to know each other, they find that they manage to bring out the best in each other--and in one another's music.

 This is a fun and satisfying read for those looking for a contemporary realistic fiction book. Tripp and Lyla are both characters that readers will be able to relate to, and the format, with lots of short chapters and the notes the two write to each other, makes it a quick read as well.


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