Monday, February 28, 2011


By Elizabeth Scott
Dutton Books, 2010. 200 pgs. Young Adult

Grace was raised in a land where Keran Berj rules, and while his followers try to put up with his many nonsensical laws, the People, who live on the outskirts in the Hills, are trying to overthrow him. Grace's mother was one of Keran Berj's followers; her father is one of the People, and to after her mother's death, Grace is given to the People to be raised as an Angel--a suicide bomber. However, when it comes time for Grace to complete her suicide bombing mission, she decides she wants to live. That makes her a disgrace among the people, so she tries to find her way out of the country, along with a follower of Keran Berj whom she's pretty sure she shouldn't trust.

I didn't ever find myself particularly attached to Grace, and for other character-driven readers, this might not be the best choice. However, it book certainly provides food for thought; although the country is fictional, certainly the situations presented are represented in our world, and an interesting discussion could center around world politics, as well as, as Grace comes to realize, the similarities between the two sides. Although they are bitterly opposed, their philosophies and strategies are similar.


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