Monday, February 14, 2011

Cleopatra: A Life

Cleopatra: A Life
By Stacy Schiff
Little, Brown and Co., 2010. 368 pgs. Biography

Cleopatra could easily be considered among the most famous women in history. For the average person, her name evokes the image of a beautiful and cunning woman who seduced men and destroyed empires. However, this image is based upon legends that have strayed from actual events and what scholars know about the infamous Egyptian Queen. Schiff’s meticulously researched book attempts to clear up many of those misconceptions.

I was surprised by the amount of detail that is known about Cleopatra’s daily life. Schiff does an excellent job of defining which details are fact and which are conjecture by those who documented the famous events surrounding Caesar, Cleopatra, and Antony. History buffs should enjoy this very readable portrait of, not only a fascinating individual, but a fascinating and pivotal period of world history.


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Belgie said...

I enjoy historical books and this one was a plethora of information. A fast read , however when I downloaded the book into my e reader, none of the graphics, maps, photo, drawings were included. A big disappointment since I often like to refer to the maps, especially, when determining where battles, and locations are described.