Monday, December 20, 2010


By Robin McKinley
G. P. Putnam's Sons, 2010. 404 pgs. Young Adult

In a land where pegasi and humans co-exist and some pegasi are bound to certain humans, such as royalty, Princess Sylvi approaches her twelfth birthday with trepidation. She will be bound to a pegasus, but won’t be able to communicate him without the help of a magician and Sylvi dislikes magicians and magic. But something happens at her binding, something that has never happened before. Sylvi and her pegasus, Ebon, are able to communicate, which sets off a bitter dispute with the magicians.

I am a fan of McKinley’s work but, while I enjoyed this, it was hard to get through it. McKinley is a master of description, but she often went on time tangents. As she wrote of a current event, McKinley would often relate something that happened years ago, but was connected to the present event. While it was good to have such information, it was disorienting. There were also so many characters that I could not keep track of them all, which was also distracting. Having said all that, I will read the sequel when it comes out.


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