Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cross My Heart

Cross My Heart
By Julie Wright
Covenant Communications, 2010. 227 pgs. Romance

Jillian is dating Jack, but when he convinces her to do a love study at a local university, he rigs the study to find out if she's still in love with her ex, Geoffrey. When the study reveals that she is, Jillian's relationship with Jack is over and she has to deal with the fact that she still isn't over Geoffrey, the man who stole her promotion and sent her fleeing from Boston to L.A. three years before. Then, Jillian's boss, Dennison, tells her they need to relocate--to Boston--where Jillian's old employmer (the ad agency where Geoffrey still works) is winning away customers. On her flight back to Boston, Jillian meets Allen, a dentist with bitter feels for the advertising business since his girlfriend dumped him for an ad executive.

With the multiple love triangles, readers might find themselves worried about how things will turn out. (I admit, I glanced at the ending to make sure it turned out how I wanted it to!) With lively characters and engaging dialogue, this book is an amusing addition to the world of Mormon chick-lit.


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