Monday, December 13, 2010


By Carrie Jones
Bloomsbury, 2010. 266 pgs. Young Adult

Zara White is desperate to get her boyfriend Nick back from Valhalla, a mythic places for not quite dead warriors--so desperate that she let Astley, a pixie, turn her into a pixie...even though pixies and weres are enemies, and Nick is a were. As she tries to find Valhalla to rescue Nick (who quite possibly will hate her now that she's a pixie), she has to decide how much to trust Astley and figure out who is so bent on keeping them from Valhalla. Meanwhile, in Zara's secluded Maine town, more and more people are disappearing, becoming food for the hungry pixies who are preparing for an all-out war.

This is the third book in the Feed series, and quite likely the last one that I'll read. I find myself liking them less and less as the series goes on. I'm not drawn to the characters, and the plot just seems to be taking too long to unfold. Zara and her friends are all nice but just don't capture my attention or really make me care about the story.


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