Saturday, February 23, 2019

A Defense of Honor

A Defense of Honor 
By Kristi Ann Hunter
Bethany House, 2018. 376 pgs. Romance

Katherine "Kit" FitzGilbert had to make the hard choice of turning her back on London society. She never planned on setting foot in a ballroom again. Business has her return to London and soon she is forced to run for her life. She finds herself hiding behind a potted plant in a glamorous ballroom. Lord Wharton, Graham, is intrigued by the woman hiding behind the plant and decides to meet her. Kit can not give him much information about herself  because she has too many people depending on her. Kit has dedicated her life to helping women who have been ruined. She hides them away until they have their babies and can return to society. She then raises the children at Haven Manor, a remote estate away from the eyes of society, and prepares them for the future. To make ends meet she has found a clever way to blackmail the fathers into providing funds for their children. Kit never expects to see Graham again, but he stumbles across Haven Manor when he is trying to help a friend find his missing sister. Kit tries to hide the truth from Graham for as long as possible but soon they must decide if they can trust each other enough to find a future together. 

I read a lot of Regency romance and that's what I was expecting. This book was totally different, it didn't focus on the ballrooms and glamour, instead it showed the life and struggles of those who aren't accepted into high society. The characters were fantastic; Kit, Graham, the children, and the other women who help at Haven Manor all worked their way into my heart. This is the first in the Haven Manor series and I look forward to seeing what happens with all the characters in future books. 


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