Monday, July 2, 2018

The Traitor's Game

The Traitor’s Game
by Jennifer Nielsen
Scholastic Press, 2018. 388 pages. Young Adult Fiction

Kestra Dallisor is coming home after three years in exile, on the way her caravan is attacked and she is kidnapped by the Coracks who want her to overthrow the evil and seemingly immortal king, Lord Endrick. The Coracks end up blackmailing Kestra to have her bring them the Olden Blade simultaneously forcing her to betray family and country.

I really enjoyed reading this book I love the growth that Kestra went through as she learned about what the state her kingdom was in and eventually finding the courage she needed to face the challenges in her future. I loved the action and the romance that was involved and I thought Jennifer Nielsen did a really good job writing a story from two perspectives.


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