Monday, July 30, 2018

The Hedge Knight II: Sworn Sword

The Hedge Knight II: Sworn Sword
By George R. R. Martin
Marvel, 2008. 152 pgs. Graphic Novel

Ser Duncan and his squire, Egg, are in the service of Ser Eustace, an aged knight unable to let go of his past glory. While traveling on a blistering hot day, Ser Duncan discovers that the river running through Ser Eustace’s land has gone dry within a single day. As he travels upriver he soon discovers the water dammed on Lady Rohanne Webber’s land. When Ser Eustace’s other knight makes trouble with the local peasants, Ser Duncan tries to smooth things over, but past transgressions will make this a more complicated negotiation than he realized.

This was an enjoyable journey into early Westeros history, about 90 years before the events of A Game of Thrones. Ser Duncan is a knight with a solid moral compass, something very rare for the land of Westeros. Egg is a 10-year-old Targaryen in disguise, learning about the world as he travels with Ser Duncan. As the two of them encounter conflict, Ser Duncan teaches Egg about respect and honor when dealing with people and situations. This was an extremely enjoyable read and is a graphic novel I could easily recommend to fans of the Game of Thrones tv series as well as Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice series. I loved it and definitely want to read the other graphic novels about Dunk and Egg.


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