Wednesday, July 18, 2018


by Isaac Asimov
Bantam, 1989. 385 pgs. Sci-Fi

Nemesis tells of colonies orbiting earth that provide self-sustaining lifestyles for humans who have never even lived on earth. One of those “Settlements” discovers hyper-drive and launches itself to orbit a previously unknown star named Nemesis located only two light years from earth. Extensive study of the new star and its planetary system reveals that Nemesis will one day collide with and completely destroy earth. Wanting to establish a civilization that is free of the strife and prejudices and crowding on earth, the head of the colony does not want to warn earth. But there are those who disagree. And many fear that scientists on earth will discover their star and hyper-drive and come to disturb their fledgling colony circling Nemesis.

This is a classic from Asimov that dedicated science fiction fans will want to read. The story mainly unfolds through long conversations between the major characters.  While a lot of action is talked about or hinted at, the book is not action filled. Plenty of interesting science and astronomy is discussed, relationships are dissected and considered, the ethical basis for courses of action is reviewed, and a mystery plaguing the new colony is unraveled. Read this for cerebral stimulation, not adrenaline producing action. SH

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