Wednesday, January 18, 2017

One Week in the Library

by W. Maxwell Prince
Image Comics, 2016. 96 pages. Graphic Novels

Told from the perspective of a solitary Librarian, a man both custodian and prisoner of the endless Library that contains every word ever written, One Week in the Library tells a story of books rebelling and a universe falling apart, one week at a time. One Week begins as mildly philosophical and ends in the metaphysical; the final day culminates in an interview between the Librarian and the author, Maxwell Prince. Though the musings of the Librarian and the stories he parses are often dismal, the story itself and his reactions are a droll commentary on the stories we tell.

The artwork by Amor and Layno is beautiful. When the Librarian enters a story, there are both subtle and drastic variations to the illustration styles, primarily dictated by how foreign the current story feels to the Librarian. A section of the plot where the Librarian enters our world combines a drab, uncolored style with interjections of color and absurdities that expertly depict his distress. One Week is a fantastic comic for new adult readers. Fans of the genre will also enjoy it, provided they are comfortable with a philosophical based work. Strong language and a brief vignette about depression and suicide make One Week hard to read at times, but the story is enjoyable and thought provoking.  


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