Monday, January 23, 2017

All Is Not Forgotten

All Is Not Forgotten
By Wendy Walker
St. Martin's Press, 2016. 310 pgs. Fiction.

The attack and rape of young Jenny Kramer tears a small town apart.  Immediately following the attack, Jenny’s shocked parents agree to have a controversial drug administered to their unconscious daughter that is meant to keep her from ever remembering the events of that night. However, as months pass, Jenny falls apart, unable to cope with her inability to recall what was done to her.
Jenny is sent to a local therapist who fortunately has experience treating patients dealing with the results of this “forgetting treatment”.  Slowly he and Jenny work to recall those horrible moments so that she can begin to heal, but the secrets that rise to the surface spread far beyond that night in the woods and many lives are shattered as a result.
This book is filled with mature themes and situations.  It is certainly not for everyone.  However, it is also an expertly written mystery with a unique viewpoint.  I think I’d recommend it to fans of Gone Girl, though All Is Not Forgotten has a great deal more heart and much more relatable characters.


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CKN said...

There were a lot of reasons I liked this book, but also a few big reasons why I didn’t. I loved the idea of the “forgetting treatment,” and I think my favorite parts of this book involved the author’s explanation of the treatment and the unintended consequences it had on Jenny. However, I really struggled with the narrator. Since most of the book is narrated from a psychiatrist’s point of view, a lot of the descriptions of what happened to Jenny and her family are recounted in unfeeling, professional terminology, which I think made it hard for me to connect with the characters. That being said, this book definitely picked up towards the end; the story had quite a surprising twist that I did not see coming.