Monday, January 30, 2017

Dark Matter

Dark Matter
By Blake Crouch
Crown Publishers, 2016. 342 pgs. Sci-fi

Jason Dessen is happy with his life. He has a secure job teaching at a small community college and a wonderful wife and son to go home to.  A part of him wonders if he could have had more or been more, but he rarely regrets any of his choices.
Then one night he is kidnapped, knocked out,  and wakes to very different life.  In his new life he has accomplished the ultimate professional success but seems to lack fulfillment in any other aspect of his existence.  Desperate to return to the life he loved, Jason will go up against impossible obstacles and face the worst in himself.
This is a fast paced thriller that will keep you reading through the night.  The premise is fascinating but required me to suspend disbelief a bit, which I usually don’t mind doing for a good story.  And this, is a good story!


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