Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Bookshop on the Corner

The Bookshop on the Corner
By Jenny Colgan
Harper Collins, 2016. 368 pgs. Fiction

Nina Redmond loves finding the perfect book for a reader. She is a librarian at a small branch library when the library system decides to close her branch. Nina isn't really interested in working at the main library where the emphasis seems to be more on computers and cafes than books. She can't imagine not being able to put books in the hands of people on a daily basis.

She begins dreaming about what she does want to do if she's not going to be a librarian anymore. She knows that she wants to continue recommending books and decides to open up a mobile bookshop. Nina finds an advertisement for a van that looks perfect for her needs, so one weekend she takes a trip from her home in the city to the rolling hills of  rural Scotland. The van turns out to be much larger than it looks and the locals at the pub scoff at her ability to make this plan work. However after a lot of grit and determination, Nina's bookshop becomes a reality. Along the way she discovers how strong and tenacious she really is and finds love along the way.

I really loved this book! I enjoyed the descriptions of the Scottish countryside and seeing Nina's personal growth throughout the book. This was such a cozy read, particularly for someone who is bookish. I'm anxious now to read other books by Jenny Colgan.


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AL said...

Sometimes it can be really scary to leave behind the life that is comfortable and predictable and to go after your dream. This is what Nina decided to do when her library was closed and she knew she had to do something to connect readers with books. Her decision did not make sense but, in taking that huge leap of faith, her life became more meaningful. She found a peace and happiness that she didn't even realize was possible.

I love books like this because they make me think about the "what ifs". I enjoyed this one even more because it revolved around a love of books. Especially the magical feeling of finding just the right book for just the right reader. What could my life become if I went after my dream? I don't know yet, but maybe it's time I found out!