Monday, December 19, 2016

The Earl’s Betrothal: A Regency Romance

The Earl’s Betrothal: A Regency Romance
by Karen Tuft
 Covenant Communications, 2016. 264 pgs, Romance

 Captain Lord Anthony Hargraves returns home from the Peninsular War in 1812, to discover that his elder brother has died placing him next in line to inherit his estate. Reluctantly Anthony sets about the task of finding a wife so he can produce a legitimate heir. To make matters more difficult he has discovered feelings for his mother’s companion Amelia Clarke. Join in on the journey with Anthony and Amelia as they try to navigate a world that doesn’t easily let two different social classes mix.

 I loved this story. The relationship that grows between Anthony and Amelia is a lot of fun to watch develop. The other part about this story that I really loved is the author’s mention of Anthony’s experience with PTSD. For so long in society war was romanticized without ever mentioning the struggles the soldiers went through coming home. And the story is romanticized still, but I appreciated the acknowledgement toward those struggles.


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