Friday, December 30, 2016


By John Scalzi
Tor, 2012. 317 pgs. Sci-Fi

When Ensign Andrew Dahl gets assigned to the Intrepid starship, he notices that low-ranking ensigns find a way of disappearing whenever it's time to make assignments for away missions.  On his own first few away missions, he only barely avoids death several times and watches many of his fellow ensigns die.  Soon, he begins to realize that something extremely odd is happening on his ship.

This is fun fan fiction for Star Trek fans who are familiar with the premise that "redshirts" are almost always the only ones to die on away missions on the show.  This book plays on that premise, toying with the idea of what would happen to Redshirts on an actual starship if they began to see that trend as well.  This is light reading, frequently humorous, and generally just good fun.


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