Monday, December 19, 2016

Curious Minds: A Knight and Moon novel

Curious Minds: A Knight and Moon novel
by Janet Evanovitch
Bantam Books, 2016. 323 pgs. Mystery

Riley Moon is a junior analyst at a huge bank; her first day on the job at a prestigious bank, she is sent to ease the concerns of the eccentric Emerson Knight. Mr. Knight is suddenly concerned about his gold and wants to see it. Since Mr. Knight is a wealthy enough patron they assign Riley as Mr. Knight's assistant. Soon Riley and Emerson discover an embezzlement scheme that will impact the world. Will they be able to stop the nefarious scheme before the world is thrown into economic collapse?

This was a fun story; I enjoyed the dynamic between Riley and Emerson . It is a light comedic read that helped me stay awake on my various road trips in the middle of the night. Emerson is a socially awkward genius who has a zoo in his house because his father wanted his own menagerie of animals. And Riley just graduated law school and is excited to start off her career and gets to follow Emerson around as he drags her across the country trying to solve this mystery. The banter between these two characters is fun to listen to.


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