Saturday, October 22, 2016

Like A River Glorious

Like A River Glorious
Greenwillow Books, 2016, 406 pages, Young Adult
By Rae Carson

Leah Westfall has finally made it to California after a dangerous trek west. After her uncle killed her parents in Georgia and taking over everything she ever knew. Leah has finally found her home in California with her friends who are as close as family. Not long after this rag tag family starts establishing themselves in the California hills, Leah gets kidnapped by her horrible uncle. While under his thumb she gets to see firsthand how cruel her uncle is. As the story develops so does Leah’s magic. Will it be enough to finally end her uncle once and for all?

 I love this book. I especially love watching Leah’s growth through story. After her uncle kills her parents Leah really has a hard time trusting those around her. As she goes through the story she realizes how hard life is when you don’t trust anyone. She also discovers the strength that comes when you trust the right people in your life. I also particularly love the combination of magic and history because in a compelling and entertaining way the story tells what it might have been like for people during the time of the gold rush. The only critique I have is I wish there was a little more story development. Some of the plots I feel could have been developed a little better but overall a great story.

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