Monday, October 10, 2016

Before the Fall

Before the Fall
By Noah Hawley
Grand Central, 2016. 391 pgs. Fiction

Noah Hawley's latest book begins with a plane crash. The rest of the book is a one by one examination of the crew as well as the passengers on board -- most happen to be very powerful people. The book also follows Scott Burroughs, a painter, and four-year-old JJ, sole heir to his father's media empire, who are the only survivors of the crash. These two must band together amidst a growing media frenzy as the authorities desperately try to find out what, or who, really brought the plane down.

Noah Hawley is the writer of one of my favorite TV shows, Fargo. So, when I heard he wrote a new novel I knew I had to read it! Hawley did not disappoint. I was hooked from the beginning and I couldn't stop reading until I finally figured out what really happened!


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AL said...

This thriller also had me hooked from the beginning but this was a different kind of thriller than I was used to. In some ways there wasn't as much action but I still felt like it was a page-turner. You didn't get to know most of the characters until after they were already dead. Chapters would focus on each character and tell you a little of what was going on in their life and how they ended up on the plane. This book is as much an examination of what made the plane crash as it is a commentary on the media and how they acquire their information and how they often encourage outrage and conspiracy through their news coverage. This book does have a lot of swearing, which I think I noticed even more because I listened to the audio version.