Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Darcy Swipes Left

Darcy Swipes Left
By Courtney Carbone
Random House, 2016. 114 pgs. Young Adult

Jane Austen meets the smart phone in this fun, modern telling of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. Told via text messages, Tinder, emails, and more; I really enjoyed this version of a classic. The book was fast paced and less detailed than the original, but the story line was still true to the characters generations have come to love.

I loved the bright emoticons and images used in the book and the fact that it was easily read in one sitting. This book is recommended to those that love Jane Austen retellings and those unfamiliar with the story alike.


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Breanne said...

I really enjoyed reading this, and found it more clever than I expected. It's fun to see how many things in Austen's novel are very translatable into modern culture. Mr. Collins finishing his line with a #humblebrag or Mary's esoteric status updates fit perfectly in with my ideas of the characters from this classic novel. It's also a quick read, which is always a bonus.