Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Lake House

The Lake House
By Kate Morton
Atria Books, 2015. 495 pgs. Fiction

The Edavane family is shattered when their toddler son vanishes on the night of the annual midsummer's eve party they hold at their estate. Seventy years later a young London detective stumbles on the abandoned house as she is on leave to sort out her own life problems and she can't help but wonder what happened to make a family leave such a majestic home. She triggers a series of events that will lead to many shocking revelations for herself and the Edavane family.

Kate Morton again weaves a story between generations that span from WWI to 2003. She expertly examines the anguish of a mother loosing her child, through several different scenarios throughout the book. I really enjoyed this book and will be recommending it to others. Because of the jumping from past to present, it helped that I was actually reading the book so that I could keep track of the dates and look back if I wanted to check when an event happened. My only complaint is that the author wrapped up everything a little too nicely and after all of the detail throughout the book I would have liked more at the end.


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