Thursday, September 3, 2015

Bride of the Water God, Vol. 1

Bride of the Water God, Vol. 1 
By Mi-Kyung Yun
Dark Horse Manhwa, 2007. 184. Graphic Novel

Soah’s village is suffering from a long drought. To appease Habaek, the water God, they must sacrifice the most beautiful girl to be his bride. When Soah is chosen, she is sent out on a boat, dressed as a bride, and knows she will likely die. However, there is something different about Soah and Habaek actually rescues her and takes her back to his kingdom. As she adapts to living with the Gods, she discovers that there are a lot of mysterious things going on, including some that surround her new husband, Habaek.

First of all, the artwork in this manhwa is absolutely beautiful. I loved the story and the various intrigues, finding myself just as curious as Soah. However, the placement of some of the text boxes occasionally makes it hard to understand who is saying/thinking what, but it didn’t bother me to the point that I wanted to stop reading. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to future volumes.


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