Thursday, September 3, 2015

Attack on Titan, Vol. 1

Attack on Titan Vol. 1 
By Hajime Isayama
Kodansha Comics, 2012. Unpaged. Graphic Novel.

Little is known about the titans who suddenly appeared out of nowhere and started feasting on humans. To survive, humanity has been living behind 50 meter high walls, and for the past century the walls have done their job. However, when an enormous titan appears, humanity is once again sent into chaos and fear as it breaks through humanity’s first wall of defense, allowing the smaller titans in. Then, just as quickly and mysteriously as it appeared, the enormous titan disappears and mankind must abandon the outer ring or be eaten.

When I picked this graphic novel up I knew nothing about the series aside from the fact that it was very popular. I can see why. I really enjoyed it, and can easily see it appealing to those who enjoy dystopias (which I do). This is a story about survival and overcoming immense odds. My main caution is that there is a level of violence in this graphic novel. People do get eaten and it’s not pretty.


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