Monday, August 31, 2015

Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding
By Meg Cabot
William Morrow, 2015. 436 pages. Fiction

The Princess Diaries series gets an update with this book about Princess Mia, now twenty six, living and working in New York City and managing a number of royal engagements - including hers to her longtime boyfriend Michael.  But of course nothing is ever simple for Mia as family drama and media fervor intensify.

If you read the whole Princess Diaries series, you will probably enjoy this update into Princess Mia's life. Many familiar story arcs from the previous books show up along with one or two curve balls, but readers shouldn't expect anything too groundbreaking. The book is still "clean" although Mia does have a "modern" relationship with her boyfriend, so teens can still read this although it's labeled for the adult section now. Readers who enjoyed Mia's character will find her personality slightly more mature but still as kind-hearted as ever as she, sometimes clumsily, tries to improve the world and lives around her.


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