Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Lost Lake

by Sarah Addison Allen
St. Martin's Press, 2014.  296 pgs. Fiction.

Immobilized by the death of her husband, Kate Pheris has been living in a fog.  Her domineering mother-in-law, Cricket, has moved in to care for Kate and Kate's daughter, Devin, and now she wants them to leave their home for a fresh start with her.  As Kate prepares to move, however, she finds an old postcard from her Aunt Eby inviting her to Lost Lake.  On a whim, Kate packs up Devin and hurries out to the lake, only to discover that Eby plans to sell her property there.

Lost Lake was a charming read much like Sarah Addison Allen’s other works.  Her descriptions are beautiful and make me want to live in a little Southern town.  The nostalgic feel, romantic plot, and mildly magical elements of the story also add to its appeal.  Overall, Lost Lake is a great choice for someone looking for a pleasant end of summer read.

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