Thursday, August 20, 2015

Advanced Genealogy Research Techniques

Advanced Genealogy Research Techniques
by George G. Morgan and Drew Smith
McGraw Hill Education, 2014. 206 pgs. Nonfiction

A common occurrence when attempting to do genealogy is to run into a “brick wall”—that point at which you just can’t seem to extend the line or find any more information. Morgan & Smith have fashioned their guide around the brick wall concept. First, examine the wall in detail (every crack & irregularity gets examined). The techniques for dealing with the brick wall are clustered around the following ideas: Use Brute Force, Go Around the Wall, Talk to a Friend, Use Crowdsourcing, Apply Technological Solutions, Hire a Demolition Expert, and Rest up and Attack the Brick Wall Another Time. The final chapter instructs on putting all the techniques to work.

This is a welcome addition to the small number of excellent books available that provide guidance to the novice genealogist tackling their brick wall. Clearly written, with examples & illustrations, this volume can serve as a fine introduction to family history. I would recommend this book to anyone beginning their genealogy—whether they’ve come to their first brick wall, or have only just started down the research road.


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