Friday, August 22, 2014

Through To You

Through To You
By Lauren Barnholdt
Simon Pulse, 2014. 278 pages. Young adult fiction.

Harper and Penn are complete opposites: she's an uptight dancer, he's a laid-back former jock nursing an injury and a grudge. But when a serendipitous note gives them the chance to know each other better, Harper and Penn come to see how their differences can bring them strength as a partnership.

Barnholdt has created two interesting characters and gives them both equal time to share their story by alternating the perspective from which the story is told each chapter. The dialog is engaging and very witty, even in the sections where the characters are grappling with difficult situations and problems. The book is very similar to Elizabeth Eulberg's Better Off Friends, but with more language and references to drug/alcohol use and teen sex.


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