Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Steady Running of the Hour

The Steady Running of the Hour
By Justin Go
Simon and Schuster, 2014.  480 pgs. Fiction.

Justin Go writes a book based on two timelines and a family legacy that could lead to riches left behind. Tristan Campbell is given the task to find his connection to an English mountaineer and his estranged lover. If Campbell can find proof of his heritage there is a chance he can gain a fortune that the mountaineer, Ashley Walsingham left for Imogen Soames-Anderson. The estate of Walsingham was never able to find Imogen and the money has been unclaimed eighty years later.

Campbell goes on a quest and flashbacks to Walsingham in the war, as well as mountain climbing makes both storylines an adventure and heart warming as they meet the characters that join them in their discovery of love, history, and even possible fortune. Walsingham's story was more enjoyable than Tristan's just because it focused on his life as he fell in love, was injured in war, and more that leads to his eventual death. Tristan's story covered a shorter period of time so was not as engaging, yet it still was a great part of the book overall. The characters are all strong and compelling and the audio book was done wonderfully. I hoped for the best for all the people in this story and wanted to find a quest or adventure of my own by the end.


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