Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pretty in Ink

Pretty in Ink
By Lindsey Palmer
Kensington House, 2014. 304 pgs. Fiction

Lindsey Palmer is a former magazine editor so she takes her knowledge of the very competitive and gossip filled world of magazines and translates it to this chick lit book. There are at least six main characters featured as narrators and at times even more introduced. Each chapter is a part of the story of the magazine Her during a transition phase of a new editor. There is a character to match probably every life style or issue so many readers will relate to juggling work and life at the same time. When Mimi takes over as editor the staff changes are at times outrageous, her ideas ridiculous, and the women have to prove they can stay on board or leave when it becomes too much. The characters interact with each other mostly, so even though their husbands, partners, and other members of their family are introduced, much of the book relies on the offices of Her becoming the center for their struggle.

This was a fun, very fast read. If you are in the mood for something you can read without thinking about it too much, this works. The characters, although entertaining, are shallow but the concept is interesting enough that it held my attention. The women in the book are give such short chapters that you don't necessarily attach to any, but it does make it more like a group of quick stories to read where all the narrators work at the same magazine.


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