Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Chapel Wars

The Chapel Wars
by Lindsey Leavitt
Bloomsbury, 2014. 294 pages. Young Adult.

Sixteen-year-old Holly is stunned when she inherits her grandfather's Las Vegas wedding chapel at his death. She is even more surprised when discovers that one of his last wishes was for her to deliver a letter, in person, to Dax, the grandson of her grandfather's arch-rival. Will Holly and Dax be able to put the family feud behind them as they explore their own friendship? And will Holly be able to keep the family business from dying off forever?

Leavitt is able to take a potentially humorous storyline (how many teens do you know of running a Chapel O' Love on the Vegas strip?) and add a lot of depth through the character development. Holly and Dax are both likeable and flawed characters and it is interesting to watch them grow as the plot moves forward. The ending was a bit of a surprise - an enjoyable surprise - that closed the plot perfectly.


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