Monday, September 24, 2012

Something Red

Something Red
By Douglas Nicholas
Simon & Schuster, 2012.  315 pgs. Mystery

Just in time for the Halloween season, along comes this atmospheric--by which I mean dang scary--story of a troupe of musicians and healers traveling over the northern mountains in thirteenth century England. Molly is the Earth Mother, Queen Maeve, the head of the company, and the heart, but the story belongs to young Hob, her apprentice. As the company travels, hoping to clear the mountains before snowfall, they are beset by uneasiness, glimpses of a malign something, red like a fox, but too large. People not of their group are found dead, torn and ruined. The travelers take shelter in a monastery, then an inn, and finally a knight's castle where the battlements and the defenses seem impenetrable, but can they find safety even here? This may be the most dangerous place of all. Something Red is filled with the panoply of medieval life as well as the coming into his own of a fine young man. One of the best books of the year so far if you ask me, and since you are reading this review, you are. Ha Ha


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