Friday, September 14, 2012

Beyond the White River

Beyond the White River
By Kristen McKendry
Covenant Communications, 2012. 197 pgs. Romance

When Joe Condie settles into his homestead in Wyoming, Faith Frisbee quickly catches attention--partly for her looks and partly because she has taken in eight orphaned or unwanted boys and raises them by herself. Drawn to her despite the fact that she is beyond prickly--initially rejecting every offer her makes for conversation or help--he eventually begins to win her over, helping her with the boys. But when he voices his feelings for her, she rejects him, and when she later shares the reason why, Joe faces a whole new round of emotions he must deal with.

While pretty predictable, fans of the genre will still enjoy it. It's pretty easy to guess what causes Faith's reluctance to wed, and the resolution comes quickly, easily, and somewhat unrealistically, but it's a fun, quick read to pass an afternoon.


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