Tuesday, September 4, 2012


By Elizabeth Scott
Simon Pulse, 2012. 217 pgs. Young Adult

When the small plane she's flying in crashes, Megan is the only survivor and is instantly proclaimed a miracle. Her parents, who thought she had died, now dote on her, rejoicing in the fact that she's alive, and Megan's afraid to let them know how messed up she is after the crash, since she knows how desperately they want her to be okay. But she isn't okay--she has no interest in her friends, school, or former hobbies, and while she can't initially remember anything from the crash, she begins seeing the people who died all around her. Tired of being called a miracle, and sure she's on the verge of falling apart, Megan finds solace in a couple of her town's less popular people.

Elizabeth Scott does a fantastic job of capturing the grief and confusions following a tragedy. As readers are taken inside Megan's thoughts, they're given the chance to explore post-traumatic stress disorder. While Megan's emotions, or sometimes lack thereof as she shuts down emotionally, makes this book almost cold in some way, it still provides a lot of understanding about how we deal with tragedy.


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