Monday, September 17, 2012


By Rachel Hartman
Random House, 2012. 465 pgs. Young Adult

The kingdom of Goredd has had four decades of uneasy peace between the dragons and the people. However, despite the treaty that has kept the peace, the prince has been killed--and decapitated--by what is suspected to be a rogue dragon, and people are on edge. Seraphina, who is the product on an illegal marriage between a human man and a female dragon who took human form, has always hidden her identity because she isn't supposed to exist. However, with the kingdom on edge at the thought of a rogue dragon, as well as the upcoming visit of the leader of the dragons, Seraphina may be the only one who can keep the peace between the two species.

This multi-layered fantasy is truly one of a kind. The complexity of the plot line, as well as Seraphina herself, make this book a little bit slower read, but no less enjoyable. The ending leaves it open for a sequel, but there's enough closure to also keep readers satisfied.


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