Wednesday, May 23, 2012


By Matthew Pearl
Random House, 2012. 480 pgs. Fiction
In 1868 the Civil War was finally over and Bostonians, and Americans in general, were able to get back to the business of building their country through industry and innovation. Technology was beginning to emerge and the academic world was at odds with this new application of the sciences. M.I.T. was just about to graduate their first class of students and were poised to succeed in providing a new and accepted kind of education to engineers and researchers. However, a number of catastrophic and unexplained incidents in Boston place all that progress in jeopardy and a number of M.I.T. students seem to be the future’s only hope.
‘The Technologists’ provides what Matthew Pearl fans have come to expect. A bit of history, a bit of science, a bit of adventure, and even a bit of romance. I’ll admit this wasn’t my favorite of his books, but for anyone seeking an even paced historical adventure, this will certainly be worth picking up.

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