Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Garden Intrigue

The Garden Intrigue
By Lauren Willig
Dutton, 2012.  388 pgs.  Fiction

American expat Emma Delagardie has been living in Paris since the death of her husband.  With a comfortable annual income and impressive connections to Napoleon’s court she is ideally situated to assist the Pink Carnation in infiltrating Parisian society and politics.  Augustus Whittlesby has been in Paris for a long decade establishing the foppish persona of a mediocre poet and providing the British government with valuable military intelligence.  As cover for the Carnation’s espionage, Emma and Augustus will have to work together to write a masque for Napoleon’s entertainment.  But their true mission is to uncover the top-secret device that may give France the ability to defeat England.

This is book eight of the Pink Carnation series.  Each historic novel in the series is told alongside the modern storyline of Eloise Kelly an American graduate student writing a thesis on English spies in France.  Eloise’s adventures in research and romance do not add a great deal to the novel but they do add continuity to the series.  Maybe not the best installment, but this one actually features the Pink Carnation which is fun.


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