Monday, May 7, 2012

The Serpent's Shadow

The Serpent's Shadow
By Rick Riordan
Disney/Hyperion, 2012. 406 pgs. Young Adult

Carter and Sadie Kane have only a few days to save the world from Chaos. Apophis, the god of Chaos, is determined to wipe out the entire world. He has already killed or converted many magicians to his side, leaving Carter, Sadie, and their young magicians-in-training to try to save the world. The only option open to them is to trust an evil dead magician to lead them to a secret spell that will allow them to trap Apophis's shadow and then execrate the god. As if that's not enough, they need the help of the gods, particularly Ra, the senile old sun god, who might not be ready in time. With the fate of the world in their hands, Carter and Sadie face their most dangerous quest yet.

As can be expected from Rick Riordan, this book is thrilling good fun. Readers will be swept along with Sadie and Carter as they move, top-speed, to try to save the world. There's a dash of romance, a fair dose of humor, and extra helpings of action and adventure.


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Canada said...

I just finished reading the book early this morning. I could not put the book down it took me less than three days to read. I really enjoyed the storyline in the book. Some parts were predictable such as the outcome of the love triangle between Sadie, Anubis, and Walt. I really enjoyed the story as a whole and it was very good though not as strong story wise as the two other books it is still an excellent read.