Friday, May 11, 2012


By Elmore Leonard
William Morrow, 2012. 263 pgs. Mystery

Raylan Givens is a U.S. Marshall recently reassigned to his hometown in the backwoods of Kentucky. His local connections act as both an asset and a liability. He knows the residents and key players in the community but some of them already want him dead. From criminals holding human organs hostage to coal-mining executives willing to level homes, or people, that may stand in her way, Harlan County is anything but dull. Raylan certainly has his hand full keeping the peace.

Elmore Leonard first introduced us to Marshall Givens in a short story titled “Fire in the Hole”. From that humble beginning came Fox’s TV series ‘Justified’. Now we can enjoy this full length novel featuring Leonard’s modern Wyatt Earp. The plot line includes some aspects of the TV show, but is more a spin on those storylines. ‘Raylan’ is a lot of fun but contains the same gritty content as the television series, so sensitive readers should be cautious.


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