Friday, January 6, 2012

Not My Type

Not My Type
By Melanie Jacobson
Covenant Communications, 2011. 255 pgs. Romance

Pepper Spicer's life is less than ideal. Since her fiancé called off their wedding (for the second time) seven months before in order to pursue his career as a musician, she's stuck with thousands of dollars of credit card debt (from the wedding that never happened), which has in turn forced her move back in with her family (and share a room with her seven-year-old sister) and work in the fast food industry. When her therapist father pushes her to get beyond her self-pity, start expressing gratitude, and actually make something of her life, Pepper gives it a half-hearted attempt...and then realizes maybe that push is exactly what she needed. She applies for jobs in her chosen field--journalism--only to find that the only job she can get is for an online magazine as their undercover online dater, writing snarky articles about her experiences. While she's excited to get a chance to write, she's not sure about this particular assignment, particularly when she starts to fall for someone who she knows won't approve of her job.

I didn't always like Pepper (sometimes she was a little too snarky), but I really liked the story; I liked how Pepper had to figure out who she is, what she wants, and how to get it. Dealing with her past heartbreak in order to move forward is something many readers will relate to.


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