Monday, January 9, 2012

Falling Together

Falling Together
By Marisa de los Santos
William Morrow, 2011. 360 pgs. Fiction

Meeting on the first day of college, Cat, Will, and Pen (Penelope) form an intense bond that they mistakenly believe will last the rest of their lives, but when Cat wants to get married and move away, their friendship abruptly ends. Idealist Pen, a good girl with pristine, straight hair takes the fallout the hardest. Six years later, she is a single mother living with her brother and dealing with their father’s sudden death a few years before. Pen keenly feels the hole in her life from the loss of her two best friends. So when Pen receives an email from Cat asking her to meet her at their upcoming college reunion, (though she blames Cat for abandoning her) Pen still jumps at the chance to make things right again.

With witty, lush, and elegant prose, Marisa de los Santos tells an uplifting story of friendship, loss, love, and living each day in the moment for its beauty. The book pulls you in emotionally and quickly gets you invested in these characters lives. I would highly recommend reading this book. However, be warned there is one minor character with a very foul mouth.


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